Q.How much do the hayrides cost?    
A. $1.50 per person

Q.When do you start hayrides?    
 Oct. 1st thru 30th. Open: Daily (7 days) hours. 9am to 6pm

Q.How much is the haymaze?

A. Cost of participating in the maze is $5 for adults and children 10 and older. The cost is $3 for children 5 through 9 and there is no charge for children under 5.

Q.What all do you offer in October?   
A.It's like a county fair out here! A bountiful produce full of pumpkins, fall decor (cornstalks, gourds, hay bales, and indian corn), and other goodies.

Q.How can I find out more information about fieldtrips for children?    

To make a reservation or inquire more about this service, please call J.T. & Johna Bandy Phone: 618-983-8676 

Farm Facts:

Q.Is this a family farm?    
A.The family business started in 1986.  J.T. Bandy and his wife, Johna, raised a few pumpkins to give to friends. One of friends, suggested they raise pumpkins for sale. The couple took the suggestion and the next year they raised about half an acre of pumpkins. 

Q.When do you open?    
A.Oct. 1st thru 30th. Open: Daily (7 days) hours. 9am to 6pm

Q.At the end of the season, where does all your extra produce go?    
A.Surprisingly here at the Pumpkin Patch, surplus is not a problem. Every bit of produce we grow and harvest goes to a good home; either to our customers, to the large varieties of charities we support, or to our animals (if its not consumable).  


Crops Grown:

Q.Are gourds for eating?    
A.No, they are for decoration only. They bring color and fun to the fall table. They are often combined with winter squash, which is edible.  

Q.How do I dry and decorate the birdhouse gourds you sell?
A.It's easy. Just set them outside and let them dry naturally. They will get moldy and ugly, but after about two months, they will become brittle and hollow (except for the seeds you hear rattling around). To decorate or paint, just soak the gourd in a solution of ammonia (a small amount) and water, and then scrub. The grime will scrape away easily. Do this a few times until the gourd is completely clean, then paint or decorate as desired. If you use it for a birdhouse, you may want to drill a hole while the gourd is still fresh for putting bird seed into later. These gourds are also used for instruments, holiday creations, and bowls.  


Weekend Group Pricing/Birthday Parties . ETC

School and Church tours are available by appointment during the day. Call and book your day & evenings of fun at the Pumpkin Patch today. (618) 983-8676

Bring your family, camera and experience a fall day on the farm. In addition to a Corn Maze, Snack Food Stand and Hay Rides, our Country Store offers various items for sale.  On special occasions hear a talented story-teller and watch a skilled pumpkin carver. No reservations are needed for families.



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