Got Pumpkins?

What is a Pumpkin?



The term ‘pumpkin’ can be confusing, meaning different things to different areas. 

Referring to the round or oval, orange fruits which are member of the squash family. 

They are best known as Halloween decorations and holiday pies, 

but there is  more variety to pumpkins than just the common orange Jack-o-lantern.




 Gourd is occasionally used to describe crop plants in the family Cucurbitaceae, like pumpkins,cucumbers, squash, luffa, and melons. More specifically, gourd refers to the fruits of plants in the two Cucurbitaceae genera Lagenaria and Cucurbita, or also to their hollow, dried-out shell. 


White Pumpkins



 Eerie-looking white pumpkins — naturally white, not painted — are finding their way into more and more homes this Halloween season. The albinos are called Ghost pumpkins, Snowballs, Luminas or Caspers — presumably a reference to the friendly ghost. 


Pumpkin Carving at Bandy's

Lightning FAST



News 3's Kevin Hunsperger ventured out to Bandy's Pumpkin Patch in Johnston City Il.

 He went to take a look at this year's crop, the corn maze and a lightning fast pumpkin carving from owner J.T. Bandy